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Steel frame solutions on the Sunshine Coast

We’ve been proudly serving Queensland and the Sunshine Coast with steel framing solutions for over 20 years. When you choose Besteel as your framing partner, we work with you to build solutions that will result in the long-term sustainability of your project, as well as efficiency in construction. We work smart, fast and proudly with TRUECORE® steel products. 

Why Choose Besteel

Engineered to perfection

We build our frames to the highest quality by spending substantial time in the design phase to consider each intricate detail of the build. Each client has different needs when it comes to the steel frame solutions for their projects and as such, our focus is on quality, not quantity. With our in-house engineering expertise and quality assurance systems, we add value at all stages of the process ensuring that the solution provided is perfect for the project.

Simple to construct

When it comes to constructing and erecting our framing systems, you’ll find no easier product to work with than a Besteel Frame. We pre-assemble our frames and trusses efficiently, and site assembly is intuitive and can be done quickly by all trade professionals. We also consider the entire build process, designing in features that help downstream trades do their work more effectively. 

Superior steel product

Every frame is constructed using BlueScope TRUECORE® steel as we truly believe that it’s the best Australian product on the market. It’s termite-proof, strong, straight and true. House frames made from TRUECORE® steel won’t shrink, twist or warp over time, and they won't contribute to the spread of fire so our clients can build with peace of mind, longevity and quality construction. 

Problem solving team

We love problem solving, and would love to help you. With years of experience in residential, commercial, and special projects under our roof, you can count on us as your build partner. We innovate and take ownership of the important role we play in creating value for our clients. This goes as far as inventing our own products to improve the experience using our steel framing solutions, such as the knee joint we’ve introduced to make the build process quicker, easier and more reliable

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What our clients say

"Working with Besteel  was the best part of the owner builder process for me and I recommend them to anyone about to go down a similar path. Dan and the team offer more than just the product they make for the owner builder, helpful and supportive in all facets from the early planning stage to frame installation I cannot thank them enough"

Brett Leslie, Owner Builder

"Walking the Owner Builder tightrope can really test you, so when you find someone who is interested in your build and wants to make it a success, it's almost a novelty! Dan is the Man, he was so helpful and willing to work with our designs and the end product is fantastic. I wish every stage of our build was as easy as it was working with Besteel. Thank you so much."

Ross & Tami, Owner Builders

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