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The best steel frames on the Sunshine coast.


Steel frame solutions on the Sunshine Coast

We’re more than your standard steel framing company. We’re the only steel framing brand in the area with the engineering expertise to support your project from start to finish while providing the best solution on the market. Established in 2009, Besteel is located in Yandina and has serviced residential and commercial clients across Australia and the Pacific.  

Combining TRUECORE® steel with cutting-edge engineering techniques, we’ll deliver simple-to-assemble, high-quality steel frames for your dream home or commercial building project. 

Why choose Besteel

Apart from our superior framing system, our real point of difference is that we’re more than just order-takers. When you choose Besteel, you choose a partner in your build from start to finish, with support throughout the building process from highly skilled engineering minds.

Unrivalled skillset

Our team is made up of fully qualified tradesmen including carpenters and boilermakers, as well as production and structural engineers, and a supportive sales and purchasing team.  


We take the stress of decision-making off your hands, managing approvals, compliance, and certifications, as well as health and safety considerations. 

Exceptional Support

We keep the lines of communication open, giving you the answers and updates you need straight away. 


Our team work efficiently, as well as designing and planning steel systems that help downstream trades work more efficiently too.

Superior solutions

All our frames are constructed using BlueScope TRUECORE® and state-of-the-art roll forming technology with industry-leading wall, truss and joist profiles. 


Through smart structural design, we can help you save costs through innovative steel framing solutions. If there’s a way to make your project more cost-effective, we’ll find it. 

Cutting-edge engineering

We consider each intricate detail of your build and use our in-house engineering expertise to develop a cutting-edge design. We also have rigorous quality assurance systems in place. 

Problem solvers

Giving up is not in our nature—no matter how complex the challenge. We’ll even invent a new product if we see an opportunity to make the build process quicker and easier. 

Supply and installation taken care of


As well as planning, designing, and manufacturing your steel frame solution, our team can complete your installation too. We’re all about providing flexible solutions to suit your requirements, so you can also choose to just have your steel frame delivered to site if you have the capability to install it yourself. 

Engineering certification


Prior to manufacturing for presentation to Council for build approval, we provide an Engineers Design Certificate (Form 15) from an independent structural engineer. We can also arrange the Engineers Frame Certificate (Form 16) for you on request. 

Our clients


What our clients say

"Working with Besteel  was the best part of the owner builder process for me and I recommend them to anyone about to go down a similar path. Dan and the team offer more than just the product they make for the owner builder, helpful and supportive in all facets from the early planning stage to frame installation I cannot thank them enough"

Brett Leslie, Owner Builder

"Walking the Owner Builder tightrope can really test you, so when you find someone who is interested in your build and wants to make it a success, it's almost a novelty! Dan is the Man, he was so helpful and willing to work with our designs and the end product is fantastic. I wish every stage of our build was as easy as it was working with Besteel. Thank you so much."

Ross & Tami, Owner Builders

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