Frequently Asked Questions

No – Our innovative detailing framing software system ensures economical use of framing material, ensuring that our frames are very competitive for cost effective building. You can have the option of using Bluescope Truecore or Alu-zinc in your build.
Besteel Steel framing & designing software brings to our clients Optimum design freedom.

Besteel Steel designed framed buildings ensures greater choice of structural designs, this provides excellent spanning capabilities of roof trusses and the ability to create open space contemporary designs with slender wall frames, reducing the need for intermediate columns or load bearing walls.

Construction of complex design shapes such as curved roofs easy, resulting in cutting edge designs at a fraction of the cost and time required when using conventional materials.

Additions are relatively easy to make, the bonus being that the original steel structure will be straight regardless of age, making the job of lining up the extension that much easier.

Yes – Our building framing is pre-assembled and is clearly marked on, and provided are simple drawings for assembly.

Don’t forget if you do have problems we are only a phone call or email away. We also can provide numbers of steel frame erectors if you prefer.

Definitely – The frame is strong as it is rolled using the latest technology which gives the cross section added strength. Additionally you have the knowledge that all our frames are engineered and checked by consulting structural engineers.
Yes – you can, we simply have to increase our design and tie down engineering strengths to suit up to a C2 wind rating.
Either – Our framing is more than suitable for both types of construction. We can fabricate the piers and floor as a part of our system with no difficulty.
No – It is highly unlikely as steel expands and contracts at a similar rate to most other building materials and of course, you have the added benefit that the frame won’t shrink over time.
No – We use high tensile Bluescope Truecore Steel which is coated in zinc and comes with a 50 year Bluecope warranty. Alternatively we offer Alu-zinc which is rated to the highest Australian standard, G550 and zinc coated to prevent rusting.
Yes – You are safe as the steel frame is earthed and, as an added safety measure, all new houses by law must be fitted with circuit breakers.
No – Following trades should not be more expensive as frames are pre-punched for services, we can install any noggins to any predetermined position during fabrication and with modern technology, most linings can be fixed using a nail gun with special nails. The pre punched service holes make it easier for electrical and plumbing trades as no drilling is required.
Yes – We provide an Engineers Design Certificate (Form 15) prior to manufacturing for presentation to Council for approval to build, from an independent structural engineer.

Engineers Frame Certificate (Form 16) can be organised on request. As this (Form 16) entails a site visit by the certifier there would be an added cost involved for certification. You will incur this cost regardless of building in timber or steel, We can help organise this service, or you can arrange a private certifier yourself as it is a Council requirement.

Yes – In fact it is becoming an advantage to use steel framing as it cannot be attacked by termites. Termite damage is uninsurable, the last thing a lending authority (and you) need is a house that has been attacked by termites which will then have to be repaired at your expense.

  • Lightweight,
  • Strong,
  • Won’t burn, rust, shrink, bend, twist or warp,
  • Is immune to termite attack, and
  • Is engineered to your design, your lifestyle, your environment.

AND remember, You are also guaranteed,

  • Professionalism,
  • Ethics, Honesty, and Integrity
  • Excellent Customer service, and
  • Good Old Fashioned Family Values.