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Benefits of steel house frames

In Queensland STEEL HOUSE FRAMES are becoming more popular as the basis for home construction. The construction industry has long had a love affair with steel for commercial and industrial, but its great benefits are now being fully realised in residential construction. These benefits are many: When our customers ask, our staff here at Best Steel Frames are able to answer confidently that they are: 

Steel is lighter than wood

Although pound per pound wood is lighter than steel because of its density, the design of a steel I-beam, as used in frame construction, is lighter than a beam made of wood that is as structurally sound as the steel beam. 

This lightweight advantage means less labour is required to handle the frame and reduced shipping costs. It also means buildings can be designed with simple steel frames keeping budgets under control.

You can build faster with steel

Construction time is speeded up because steel frame sections are pre-engineered to a specific design at a manufacturing plant. They are shipped ready to be erected, negating the need for measuring and cutting on site. In today’s fast-paced world where clients want their projects delivered under budget and ahead of schedule, this is a major advantage. 

Steel is versatile

No other material for the construction industry is as versatile as steel. It can be cut or moulded into shape and can be used in the interior and exterior of buildings in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. 

This versatility extends to its ability to work with other materials. Steel can be easily used with wood, brick, and concrete – all the other major materials used in construction.  

You can save money with steel

There are various ways using steel saves money

  • Reduced labour requirements 

  • Reduced construction time

  • Its durability means decreased maintenance costs

  • Fewer replacements and repairs are required over its long lifetime

  • Demand from the construction industry continually drives the price of steel down

  • Insurance for steel framed buildings can be lower

Steel is environmentally friendly

Steel meets the growing demand for environmental consciousness and sustainability because it is easily recycled.  Some of its aforementioned features also contribute to its eco-friendliness in that, because it can be manufactured so precisely, there is little waste in the manufacturing process. 

We’ve been supplying, in Queensland, steel house frames for over 10 years now. We are proud of our top-quality Australian product and are always happy to discuss individual customers’ needs. Why not CONTACT US about your next project.

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