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Deter termites with steel frames

Keeping termites out of your home is a big consideration for any Australian homeowners. These pests can completely ruin the framework of your home, and sometimes they are not spotted until it is far too late, leaving your home damaged beyond repair. If you really want to avoid this issue, then choosing STEEL FRAMING from BESTEEL FRAMES could be the right way to go.

Termites in Australia

There are around 350 different types of termite in Australia, although your homes are threatened by only about 16 of the species. While the rest concentrate upon organic material in the soil, forming an important part of the ecosystem, these 16 varieties of termite are known to feast upon termite, and may target homes directly.

The problem with wooden frames

Termites are not the only issue with wooden frames, but they are a common reason for homebuilders to look at other types of materials for constructing homes. They may decide to use chemically treated timbers which are intended to kill termites, or they may instead opt for a much better alternative, which is to build with steel.

Are all steel frames the same?

You may think that all types of steel frame will meet your needs, but unless you are buying your home frames from pre-moulded manufacturers such as Besteel Frames, you could still find that there are papers, cardboard or other organic materials used in the frames, which will still attract termites.

Pre-moulded steel frames

These are the best option when it comes to protecting your home against wood eating insects. These pre-moulded products from Besteel Frames have no organic ingredients, which means that termites have no incentive to attack the steel beams, and are likely to find an unseen place to nest in your property.

Termites in other places

Although the steel frames inside your house will prevent termites from attacking the framework, the house itself will only be termite resistant, rather than termite proof. Although termites might attack other parts of your building, these are likely to be more in the open, including skirting boards, doors and plasterboard. You can easily spot signs of damage in these areas and call in pest control to help you.

Getting the right steel frames

If you have decided that you want to use steel framing in the construction of your home, then you should reach out to Besteel Frames. Our high quality pre-moulded steel is there to provide termite resistance to Australian homes, so you can CONTACT US now online, or CALL 07-5492-8244 for more information.


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