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Cost-saving roof innovation for Essence Peregian Beach

30% reduction in roof system costs

Entire roof system was able to be installed by local carpenters only

2-weeks from site measure to delivery

Essence Peregian Beach is a luxury resort, nestled on the doorstep of Noosa National Park. During a time of rapidly escalating material prices, we provided an innovative hotel roof system that reduced costs by approximately 30% through careful design and engineering. 





Overcoming budget constraints and global supply shortages


Facing global supply shortages, the Essence Peregian Beach hotel project managers needed to think outside the box to stay within budget. As well as keeping expenses down, Hutchies was seeking a local partner with a well-established supply chain to avoid any material shortage obstacles.  


We ticked all their boxes with a strong and reliable local supply chain and proven track record for cost-saving innovations. Besteel had already reduced townhouse costs in the same development by substituting their purlin floor systems with our open webbed design. This problem-solving approach would flow seamlessly into the hotel roof systems. 


Cutting costs with an innovative, customisable truss system 

We reduced project expenses by an estimated $25-40/m2 by replacing the traditional commercial building purlin roof system with a cost-effective light gauge steel truss system that could be easily customised. The traditional design was both expensive and labour intensive, achieving the flat ceilings required for the hotel rooms using structural steel beams, galvanised purlins and drop ceiling grid.  

We eliminated these elements without compromising on the roof space required for the mechanical services by designing an innovative truss system. The truss system we developed allowed rapid layout customisation to fit air conditioning units, ductwork and other key requirements. This easy adaptability in combination with our team’s expertise in developing fast solutions streamlined the success and speed of the project. To eliminate the need for structural steel bearers to support the trusses, we also designed light-gauge, wall-mounted pole plates.  

Fast-tracking design and installation

Our locally based detailing team played a critical role in making sure all trusses were the perfect fit and the project came together smoothly. They attended the site as soon as the block walls were built to check measurements for the wall layouts, rapidly altering truss dimensions to fit precisely. Within two weeks of the blocks being laid, all the trusses were built and delivered to site. During this time, the structural steel members and pole plates were installed, ensuring uninterrupted construction. 

The simplified design also meant the entire installation could be completed by the on-site carpentry team. Since no specialist steel fixing crew needed to be onboarded for the installation, this reduced costs further while speeding up the project. Our roof system was used throughout the entire hotel building, providing an essential solution for the success of the project. 


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