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Making an Owner-Builder's Dream Home a Reality     


Overlooking the scenic vistas of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, owner-builder Dan Halpern chose Besteel for constructing a robust, cost-effective home. We collaborated to materialise his vision of a 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom dwelling, ensuring maximum durability without compromising on aesthetics.  

Dale Carly Halpern Res 5.jpeg
Dale Carly Halpern Res 5.jpeg

Dale and Carly Halpern 



Balancing Durability, Budget, and Beauty


As a registered builder, Dale decided to build his own home using local suppliers to keep it cost-effective. He also wanted to build the home specifically for the location, making the most of the Hinterland views and space while being resilient and resistant to pests and environmental conditions.   

This 280m2 property had to encompass a double garage, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and an additional 42m2 space suitable for storage or autonomous living.  

A key goal of the build was to optimise the space while ensuring the house flowed seamlessly into the surrounding hill. This presented a challenge to Dale because a sloping block would generally require the use of stumps and an elevated floor system—a structure that often creates dead space below the house. Besteel was an easy choice for Dale with the expertise to design and fabricate all the steel elements required for his vision while helping to optimise the space and blend naturally with the hill.  


BeSteel 2023 Shoot 2-85.jpg

Built to last, designed for the natural surrounds

With a design that takes inspiration from the Hinterland views, our house framing systems connects the living space to the outdoors with the strategic use of high raked ceilings and wide spanning sliding doors amplifying the connection. A combination of a steel stump floor system and a concrete slab was the answer to Dale’s desire of having an encased space underneath without wastage.  

With our team taking care of all aspects of the framing design, including Form 15 certification. Dale and Carly had peace of mind knowing that their house frame was in safe hands, allowing them more time to focus on the finishings that make their house a home. 

Precision-tailored steel framing solutions 

Specialising in both galvanised purlins, (for outdoor use), and webbed joists made of TRUECORE® steel, (for internal floors), we could cater precisely to the Yandina home’s unique requirements. Our systems also easily accommodates timber posts, enriching the architectural design versatility.  


Besteel’s steel framing comes with a dependable 50-year TRUECORE® warranty. Being termite and borer resistant, it’s an impeccable choice for rural settings like Yandina. 

Delivered services:  

  • House framing system   

  • Stump layout and floor system including sub-floor bracing layout   

  • Steel stump fabrication   

  • Purlin floor system   

  • Webbed joist floor system   

  • Wall frames   

BeSteel 2023 Shoot 2-78.jpg

Economical without sacrificing quality


Being a local provider with direct control over our supply chain allowed us to offer Dale significant cost reductions on essential materials. Our distribution wing, Steelmart, played a pivotal role in reducing the structural steel costs. In-house fabrication by our skilled boilermakers further enhanced the savings.  

By opting for a Besteel frame, Dale significantly reduced the scope and complexity of his home build, thanks to the precision and ease of assembly that our products provide. 

Halpern V1.jpg

Envisioning your dream home? Let’s make it happen! 

We’re here to help you achieve your dream home without breaking your budget. Contact us for an obligation-free discussion today.    

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