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Roof Systems by Besteel Frames

We have the ability to create a broad range of roof systems with our truss design including gable, gable eave, Dutch gable, hip and skillion roofs. We also specialize in raked roof systems and verandah systems using scissor trusses, opened webbed rafters or purlin rafters.

Our truss design and strength enable us to span large distances. This offers large open spaces without requiring intermediate columns or load bearing walls, therefore increasing design flexibility. Our trusses have up to a clear span of 14 metres and supported spans of around 18 meters and suitable for tiled or steel roofs with pitches from 5° to over 30° and up to 1200mm eave overhang.

Using lightweight but strong steel material it makes onsite erection quicker, easier and more cost effective to the client or builder. Because the steel does twist or shrink this greatly reduces problems with cracking or sagging in the ceiling.

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Curley Constructions Job 1 by Besteel Frames
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