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Our Services

Besteel Frames offers a range of services to make the ‘roots and bones’ of your new home strong and able to stand the test of time.

With the support of our in house experts in sales, design and manufacturing Besteel Frames are able to provide a product that meets the requirements and expectations of owner and builder from design, manufacturing and delivery.

Besteel Frames can offer a number of services which are all focussed around building confidence and maintaining trust between ourselves and our clients.

We strive to produce the best quality product and workmanship available and we will meet all deliveries on time.

Our exceptional customer service includes:

We offer products guaranteed for quality and value for money. We deliver products with the added value of our experience, including:

  • Obligation free quotes.
  • Experienced staff who can answer any of your questions
  • Weekday access to our team to assist customers, builders and project managers from production to delivery
  • Strong professional relationships with suppliers
  • Detailed and laminated onsite assembly instructions.
  • All components are clearly marked and identified to ensure correct erection sequence.
  • Ensuring fast erection due to the trueness of the frames and trusses.
  • Guarantee that all frames and trusses won’t absorb moisture, twist, expand or shrink out of shape
  • Making punched holes allowances in studs and plate for plumbing & electrical services
  • Flexible transportation options for on time delivery Australia-wide and overseas.