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How to organise steel framing for your next project

Steel framing on the Sunshine Coast has never been easier than it is with Besteelframes.

We offer a wide range of products, including wall frames, floor systems, and roof systems. There are also quite a few services to choose from, including assembly and punching, and we provide the necessary transportation.

Knowing more about steel framing is vital when you’re embarking on a building project so keep reading for everything you need to know about getting a steel frame organised for your structure. 

What Steel Frames are Used For

Steel is the basis of many buildings and structures. We’re happy to assist you with creating the ideal wall frame or a roof or floor for your building project. The most common uses for steel frames include high rise buildings, warehouses, industrial buildings, and residential buildings, as well as temporary structures. 

Our Framing Options

Our wall frame is 75 mm wide and includes both the stud and plate. We roll, punch and cut each accurately so getting your framing organised means ensuring that you have accurate measurements for each piece you need.

If you need a floor system made out of steel, you’ll love how our steel frames allow for open floor plans and the durability they offer. When it comes to our roof systems, we offer truss designs that include gables, gable eaves, Dutch gable, skillion, and hip roofs, which gives you plenty of choices when it comes to organising your steel framing for your project. 

Benefits of Steel Structures

There are many reasons to love using steel for your frame. Getting your project organised is easier when you know what the benefits are of using steel for your structure. It’s a lot faster to build a steel frame than it is with other building materials and it’s also flexible, which makes them ideal in extreme weather conditions, such as high winds.

Steel frames are great for many kinds of structures, including stores, houses and much more so it’s easy to customize them to your exact specifications. Steel is strong and durable so anything built with it will last for a long time. Our steel is coated to prevent rust and corrosion, further adding to its lifespan.

Under the Building Code of Australia, steel is also termite-proof, helping keep your home pest-free. 


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